Types of Window Film

Window tinting is not just about keeping the glare and sun effects  away from your home.  It is so much more with a wide range of applications that can provide Safety & Security, Privacy, Solar, Frosted, All Season and Decorative Films.  

At Tint Shield we understand that your home is your castle , so we want to help you reduce your ongoing expences as well as giving you a safer and more comfortable home. Our Range of window films can reduce heat, glare & fading with additional benefits which include, lowering energy costs, reducing the reliance on air conditioners, retaining more heat it winter and providing your home with privacy..

There is a broad spectrum of where our window films are applied such as;
Residential premises, Hospitals, Shopping Centers, Government buildings, Life Style Villages right through to the Commercial sector. 

  • Window films protect against solar energy for improved comfort.
  • Window tint provides impressive energy savings
  • Security film provides safety from broken glass and intruders!
  • Solar films protect best against ultra violet damage
  • Treat your home or office to the modern look it deserves.
  • Experience greater comfort and genuine savings.


Solar Gard, Tint Shield

Enjoy the windows to the world and protect what’s yours!