How do I get a quote?

You can get a quote by filling out the online enquiry form with your details and an experienced staff member will reply accordingly.

You will have a reply as per your request which could be an estimate based on your information provided or a time made for one of our qualified technicians to visit your premises and provide you with a no obligation free measure and quote.

What measurements do you need to get a quotation?

Ideally it is recommended that you provide us with the glass measurement of each pane Height and Width. The pane measurements are taken from inside the frame where the glass meets the frame and measured to meet the other side where the glass also meets the frame. We don’t require the frame measurement, just the glass.
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By providing this method of measurements for a quotation, will give you a more accurate pricing.

Can window tint reduce fading of my furniture, carpets, floor boards and window coverings?

Ultra Violet Light, Solar heat and visible light are some of the main contributing factors to fading of furniture, carpets, floor boards and window coverings.

Installing a window tint from Tint Shield will certainly reduce and slow down the fading process of furniture, carpets, floor boards and window coverings?

Is there anything I need to do before having a film installed onto my windows?

It is recommended and requested that all furniture, window dressings etc be removed and moved away from the windows prior to the installation of film. A vacuum around the edges of the window frames can also be helpful.

This process helps the installers to provide a nice clean and safe environment to work in. Also this procedure will minimize damage to property and window coverings.

How long does it take to tint a window?

To clean and prepare the glass surface, then to supply and install a window film to an average size window approx 1310mm x 900mm is some here between 10 to 20 mins depending on the condition of the window and frame.

Depending on the condition of the window, more time may be required to prepare before the installation of film, colonial windows can take longer and also windows that are higher up that may require a ladder or a safe work platform to access, may also take longer to complete.

Is there care required after the installation of film?

It is recommended that after the installation off the film, not to clean the filmed side of the windows for at least 6 to 8 weeks. This time frame is what we call the curing time. After this period you can then clean your windows with a soft rag and soapy water / plain water. Do not clean your tinted windows with any product that contains ammonia as this can distort the film, and then your warranty will be void. After care guidelines are given to you after the installation of the film.

By following the aftercare guidelines, you should not have any problems with the maintenance of the film and are free to enjoy your new investment for many years to follow.