About Us

About Tint Shield

Our customers deserve the best film and the best possible installation. We have assembled a team of top-notch window film installers and a set of guidelines to ensure the best quality for our clients. Tint Shield installers know the exact specifications for each film we carry and the best method for installation.
Tint Shield is conveniently located 20 minutes west of Melbourne's  CBD , servicing Melbourne  & Country areas.  With over 25 years of experience within the window film industry,  and working in all types of environments, we have an extensive collection of product knowledge, a friendly & professional approach to understanding your needs which is our number one priority.
Our Range of window films can reduce heat, glare & fading with additional benefits which include, lowering energy costs, reducing the reliance on air conditioners and providing a more comfortable environment for your home or office.
In addition we offer Frosted, Decorative, Safety, Security & Graffiti management films.
There is a broad spectrum of where our window films are applied such as;
Residential premises, Hospitals, Shopping Centers, Government buildings, Life Style Villages right through to the Commercial sector. 
Tint Shield only uses quality window films guaranteed to perform now & well into the future. Integrity, Honesty & Professionalism is what Tint Shield delivers and this extends to you, our Client.

Whether the installation is big or small, we are willing to accommodate.